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Now no need to receive unnecssary phone calls form advisory services. You can download MySwasto Android app and get all Intraday and positional tips in Nifty, BankNifty , futures and options, Silver, Gold, CrudeOil, Copper, Zinc and other MCX segment.

Easy to Use

MySwasto app has very simple iterface which can be used by anyone from beginner to expert. Just open trade section and see your relevant trading tips.


MySwasto is 1st Indian advisory app which communicates using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) means all your data and trading tips are safe from unauthroized access.

Transparent Tips

Trading tips are provided using state of art technical analysis software and with most important phychological trading methodology which other fails to imply in their trading methods.

Learn 'n' Earn

MySwasto App not only just provide tips rather it helps you to learn trading tools and software. By using this app you'll receive information about trading techniques like GANN, Elliot wave, Technical analysis, Fundamental analysis etc.

Pause 'n' GO

It means you need not to worry about those days when you are not trading or going on vacation. Just pause it and resume it when you are ready !! Your subscription will be extended automatically for those holidays.

Ultra low brokerage account

Now you can open ultra low brokerage trading account with MySwasto recommended broker in no time. Just send your info. MySwasto will take care.

All You Want From MySwasto

MySwasto is very small to download, ultra fast trading tips advisory app for NSE | BSE | MCX.

ALL-in-One Trading tips

MySwasto app provides all trading tips under one plan. i.e in single plan it includes all segments of NSE, BSE and MCX. No separate packages !!

Ultra-Fast communication

MySwasto provide trading tips using ultrafast push notification technology, means you'll get tips without any delay.

Advance Trading techniques

In coming months, we'll share advance trading techniques such as Algorithm trading, backtesting , Strategy writing and robotic trading etc.

Before trading watch this Video

MySwasto APP is developed in such a way to implement all aspect of trading psychology so that trader can feel the importance of Fear, Greed and Patience. We strongly recommend to watch this video before starting your trading on daily basis.

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Explore Amazing Features

Most of traders enter into this market without having any knowledge and infact they help others to earn ! So, now its your turn to earn but how ? MySwasto app will provide you most accurate calls on stocks, commodity products with proper risk/fund management. Download now and place yourself into 5% of successful traders.

  • Easy, Secure and Transparent

  • Learn 'n' Earn methodology

  • All-in-one Trading tips

  • Pause 'n' GO

  • Ultra-fast Push notiifcation


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What our client say !

Made By Professionals Team


ALL-in-one Advisory service at NO COST !!


  • Includes Intraday, Positional, Multibegger recommendation
  • ALL-in-one with NSE and MCX
  • Less trades , maximum profit.
  • Access to all tips.
  • Separate advisory for NSE, MCX
  • Holy grain technique to be millionare


  • Access to some tips for life time
  • includes Index/Stock Future and Options, Cash
  • Tips after in-depth Technical Analysis
  • Less calls but profitable
  • Spoon-feeding


  • Reading recommendation
  • help to write trading strategy
  • Discussion with other traders
  • Access to all tips
  • Less trades , maximum profit.
  • includes all MCX segment with NSE and BSE

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