FAQ – How to Trade

Is it necessary to read all ?

No, You can skip , only if you know about Swastiga but still it’s recommended to read all.

But it seems to be very lengthy !!

If you don’t have patience to read , sorry to say, this app is not for you. Happy Trading.

MySwasto app is FREE or PAID ?

MySwasto app is absolutely FREE to use.

Then why there is paid subscription?

ALL trading tips are not FREE. Some of tips would be FREE while respective members can access every calls. For best result and learning experience , paid subscription is recommended.

What is TYP in this app (design perspective)?

MySwasto app is developed with TYP methodology (Test-Your-Patience). As we believe patience is one of key to success in trading, so we implemented sufficient delay in login, loading the app etc. using TYP to make sure NO delay to see trading tips!!

Do you provide tips for every segment i.e NSE, MCX ?

Yes, We do provide calls for every segment like Stock future/options , Nifty/BankNifty future/options, Cash , MCX – CrudeOil, NaturalGas, Silver, Gold, Zinc, Copper and Nickel.

What do you mean by ALL-in-One subscription?

We provide all segment calls under one subscription. We don’t have separate subscription for separate segment.

Then how many calls do you provide daily?

We focus on client profit not on number of tips. So it depends on analysis and opportunity.
It could range from 2 to 6 calls per day and cover both MCX and NSE. Sometime we don’t provide any call as per analysis and risk management.

What is PPM?

PPM – pay-per-message is an option to pay only for specific trading message. No need to deposit any fee in advance. One can pay only when it’s required.

Do you provide tips through SMS or phone?

NO, Through this app you’ll get latest message.

What about my info like email,mobile number?

MySwasto is India’s 1st advisory app which is fully secured with HTTPS. Always see \’green padlock\’ sign on address bar while browsing Swastiga websites.

Do you still provide tips as TradeFire India website?


Why should I join Swastiga or MySwasto?

If you answer ‘Yes’ for any of these statement:
You are trading without any knowledge
You trade just because you are sitting idle
You started trading just because your friend told about it and now you are in loss
Want to learn and earn with proper trading technique
Believe ‘Seedhi baat no bakwaas’

Where's your performance sheet like other display on their website?

Those kind of performance sheets are not proof of absolute profit. Profit is what it’s in your trading account. As per experience, every trader books his profit/loss at different price than target and stoploss. Our clients learn How to Trade not just see profit on paper !! We never give call for lot size more than 8000 or more as we know trader would not trade in this call due to high risk involved then why to include such call in performance sheet? But for SEBI compliance we keep track of each research and show as per its status.

What is your calls accuracy?

We don’t provide 100% accuracy at all but we do care about clients risk and loss, so accordingly we try to provide best profitable calls.

Can you trade on behalf of clients?

Absoultly NOT , We are always in compliance to SEBI regulations.

Will you provide related software/algo or chart data?

We are not authorised to sell those software but we’ll share our views with traders.

If I'm on vacation or unable to trade for few days then what happens to my subscription?

You can pause your subscription for those days on your Profile Account. Your plan will be extended for unused days. e.g You have paused your plan for 10 days then your plan will be extended by 10 days. Don’t forget to use pause and submit option for this benefit.

How to Trade ?

Trading is an art , process. It involves so many factors so in this journey we’ll help you.

When to book profit?

For every call we provide target and stoploss. Before initiating any trade think for risk involved , after that you can book as per your risk management. We don’t do spoon feeding. So please first learn then trade.

Is this app available for iPhone or Windows ?

NO, currently it’s for Android only. However you can avail similar services through our website https://swastiga.tips

Subscription for 'MySwasto' app and 'https://Swastiga.tips' is same or different ?

Please note that both services and subscriptions are different. ‘Myswasto’ is mobile based while other is web-based.

What is MySwastoID ?

MySwastoID is a unique number given to every user. If you like this app then share app or service using your MySwastoID. It means more sharing more benefits you’ll get. Mention this ID in every communication with us.

How to register complaint ?

If you have any complaint about any of our services, then send an email to complaint@swastiga.com. For compliance issue send an email to compliance@swastiga.com. We’ll do our best to resolve it.

Anything else ?

Current released app is in development phase, we’ll continue to add more features as per your support and feedback. So please send your valuable suggestions at support@www.myswasto.in