Important information regarding MySwasto App

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Last Saturday-Sunday we spoke to many users who are using the app and also to those who have uninstalled the app for some reason. It was review and feedback call so that we can understand user expectation and problems with the App.

I’m pleased to share that many of users are happy, like the concept and objective of MySwasto. We would continue to work our best to serve you better service.

However, there were some issues that user shared with us.

OTP Pin :  At every login, it’s compulsory to use OTP. Please note that this feature is used for your account security purpose as we know that there so many apps in market who collect user information like name, mobile and PAN info but failed to secure their data. So this is one of security feature implementation. It required OTP again n again only when you close the app. If you would like to continue to use without OTP then don’t close the app after login . We have implemented sufficient delay into it as part of our TYP (Test-your-patience) methodology as we believe patience is one of the most important keys to success in trading.

At the same time, it was surprising to know that above was the most common reason of uninstallation !! As we would not be able to contact you again after uninstallation it’s advisable to contact support immediatley if you are facing any issue or would like to share any feedback or suggestion.